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Our team helps you prepare data for training AI engines, saving valuable time & resources. With outsourcing, your team can focus on the development of robust algorithms leaving the tedious part of the job to us.

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goods on shelf

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Our AI Data Services offer a revolutionary way to unlock the potential of your data. By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, you can transform raw information into actionable insights, driving innovation, efficiency, and success across various industries. Embrace the power of AI Data Services and stay at the...more


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Annomark technologies is dedicated to offering an extensive selection of training data services that cater to your unique machine learning and AI objectives, while accommodating your budget and...more


Miriam Hayes

We have bought and sold a handful of properties in the past with various different realtors, but none came close to the service we got at Presson's. Not only is the team full of experts who know what they're talking about, but they are also always willing to go that extra mile to ensure customer happiness and satisfaction. We were never left hanging and waiting for an answer – everyone got back to us promptly and we never felt like we weren't in the loop of what was going on. The whole process was smooth and we never felt rushed or pushed to make a decision. Instead, we could take the time to decide on everything, and ended up signing the papers within weeks.

James and Susan Smith

We had heard a lot of praise for Presson's team, since many of our social circle was already using their services to purchase their own homes. We had pretty high expectations, and were pleasantly surprised when they were not just met, but surpassed by a mile. The team was accommodating at all stages – from viewing the properties, to providing extra information on some of the interior materials, to explaining in detail all the clauses in the contracts. Even our children could join the house viewing process, something which we were eternally grateful. Now, we are happy homeowners in a nice neighborhood, and we couldn't be happier.


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